Conversational AI Platform


Pro-active and seamless banking via an AI Powered Chat, Voice and GUI Interfaces

Provide Statements and Bills

Generates statements and pending bills with simple queries.

One of the most accessed features on a banking application are the Generate Statement and Pending Bills, our conversational AI platform provides these even with simple casual queries from the customer.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Chat as a medium of handling customer queries has the highest customer satisfaction rate compared to others.

You can now improve the customer satisfaction rate by generating tickets and reducing the TAT for solving your customer complaints with the Chatbot, this would in turn reduce the cost as there would be minimal human intervention required.

Investment & Spend Analysis

The analysis provides a snapshot of the all the customer finances such as the Total Investments till date across all Asset classes and the expenses made on a single screen.Furthermore it can also return a precise answer for a simple and friendly query from the user

The analysis will be given in a simple manner with the help of charts and graphs, which can be further customized based on individual preferences

Travel Planning & E-Commerce Enablement

The bot provides a very simple and intuitive way for the customer to relax and plan his trip

The platform can be seamlessly integrated with third party e-commerce systems and will be well equipped to help the customers’ execute the transactions via a simple chat queries

Personalized Product Recommendations

Provide simple yet dependable investment advice to your customers based on their risk profile

There has been a rise in participation of retail investors in the stock market and these early stage investors need dependable advice based on their limited awareness of the market

Hence, the bot is trained to seamlessly handle the queries which are asked in a layman’s terms and provide the best possible solution

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