Transforming your Business flows into Meaningful Conversations

Built for Financial Institutions

MyFlow’s conversational AI Platform is specially designed for Financial Institutions by Market Simplified to provide the best conversational user experience to end customers.

Built with a legacy Institutions

The Platform is built with over a decade of experience in implementing Digital Transformation solutions across 45+ financial institutions.

Enterprise Conversational AI Platform

Real-Time Control

Enables Business teams to create meaningful conversations in Real-Time

Training AI Engine

Monitor and Train AI models in realtime to improve the response accuracy

Analytics Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard to track overall performance

Social Media & IoT Integration

Seamlessly supports the integration with Alexa and Social media channels

Customer Support

Seamless Conversation handover to support agents for unresolved queries

CRM Integration

For lead capture, create tickets along with Email and portal notifications

Conversational AI Platform for Brokerages

Seamless Trading Experience

Enables the customer to get market Information and place trades via a single chat window

Cross/Up Selling Platform

An effective Cross-selling platform with Alerts & Notifications

Customer Acquisition

New customer acquisition via bot integration with Facebook Messenger and other social platforms

Wealth Management

Dependable investment advice based on customers risk profile

Instant Complaints Resolution

For Generating tickets and resolving queries on demand

Community ChatBot

An Innovative platform for your customers to form Trusted Communities & make collective & informed decisions

Conversational AI Platform for Banks

Personalized Product

Analyzes customer’s actions for effective Cross/Upsell of products

Investment & Spend Analysis

Expenditure and investment overview with a simple chat query

Travel Planning & E-commerce Enablement

Helps customers to plan trips and complete transactions via third party e-commerce Integration

Proactive and Buddy Assistant

Make your bot close to users’ upcoming events and suggest relevant products and services

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improves customer satisfaction rate by generating tickets and reducing the TAT for solving complaints

Wealth Management

Provides personalized investment advice to your customers based on their risk profile

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