The Conversational AI Platform serves as an Integral part of the solution, which is designed exclusively for the financial institutions to add more value and elevate the customer experience

Real-Time Control via BotBuilder

The Bot Builder platform enables business teams to create meaningful conversations in real time for business/customer use cases. One can modify business flows, Add UI interfaces using drag and drop widgets and customise according to your brand experience by preview using bot simulators.

Create your own business use cases like Survey, Promotions, Offer Products, and capture Leads. Transform any REST API data to conversations and create micro conversations with your users on the fly. Don’t get surprised, you may be creating an account balance or utility bots in 10 mins 🙂

BOT builder helps you to create your business flows via GUI, Text, and Voice-based conversations across channels like mobile SDKs, web chat, Siri and Amazon Echo/Google Home.

Real-Time AI Training

When your consumer has a query for which a bot is unable to reply, the conversation is handed over to a Support executive, the executive responds to customer queries and later can add the answer to the bot knowledge base instantly and the next time if any customer asks the same question the bot can seamlessly reply to the customer

Key Features

  • Training Dashboard for the BOT engine
  • Simple interface for creating new intent, entities and answers for un-answered queries
  • Email Escalations and portal notifications for training contents
  • Upload FAQs and build Knowledge base via a simple interface
  • Provide contextual support using customers conversation history

Customer Support & CRM Integration

  • Seamless handover of BOT to Human support and vice-versa
  • Create internal tickets by integrating with existing CRM systems
  • View all open queries from customers and escalate or create a ticket for further follow-up
  • Collect all new and un-answered queries from customer interactions and train the bot by assigning an existing answer or a new answer

Analytics Dashboard

A comprehensive dashboard is provided to track overall performance of the platform
Notable metrics for business teams
  • User Analytics
  • Platform Analytics (Voice & Chat Usage)
  • Location-wise drill down of reports
  • Frequently Asked Queries List etc

Social Media Integration

The Platform enables seamless integration with top social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp etc. Globally more than 49% of the mobile app usage is on the social media and chat platforms, so it makes perfect sense for brands to engage their existing customers and acquire new customers on these platforms.

Seamless Integration with Alexa, Google Home

With the rise in smart speaker adoption among millennials, consumers are getting comfortable with voice search.The bot-builder platform can be integrated with devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa etc.Providing the customers an elevated experience in inteh your brand.

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